Income activity report for parts of the eastern and middle Tennessee (December 1st to 7th, 2022) (2023)

A complete list of Track Clospeure activities due to the construction or maintenance company on state roads on 24 average Tennessee Condates and Ost Tdot 2.

District 27

Clay County SR-51 (Tompkinsville Hwy.) Supply company Both instructions from LM 0 to LM 1.94:Mobile route closures along the SR-51 between Gass Lane and Kentucky State Line.The drivers should be careful and be aware of the employees and equipment when they travel through the work area.11/22 to 12.12.22 of 9 hours and 15 hours.[2022-617]

Cumberland County SR-28 (US-127) Construction and pavement of the northern I-40 bridge (LM 17.8) near the Potato Farm Road (LM 22.7):The contractor continues the classification activities along the boundaries of the project.Temporary closure of route and/or periodic traffic stops are required for construction activities.Sturm around the Carson Road and Grace Hill Drive is planned for this week.The drivers should be careful when traveling through the work zone and are aware of the reduced speed zones.

[Jones Bros. Contractors, LLC/Strong/CNV009]

Cumberland County SR-28 (US-127) Classification, drainage, signs and paving of SR-68 to the south of the bridge over the Byrd current (LM 9.7 to LM 10.6):Compensation and classification activities are underway along the SR-28 and SR-68.The contractor closed the right-wing strip of SR-28 (US-127) south from LM 10.6 to LM 10.2 to work along the shoulder and tendency.The temporary pavement is underway along the boundaries of the project.Traffic is programmed in such a way that it can be transferred to a temporary traffic standard, while the construction along the SR-28 (US-127) begins from 9.5 to 9.9 lm.Equipment and construction vehicles will leave the work and work frequently leave zone.The drivers should be careful when traveling through the area.

[Cleary Construction, Inc./Strong/CNW231]

Cumberland County SR-28 (US-127) Ponte Repair am Byrds Creek (LM 10.7) und Three Mile Creek (LM 11.1):The construction activities began in the bridges on Byrds Creek and in Three Mile Creek.Sometimes a temporary closure of the route may be necessary so that the work zone is done.

[Thomson E Thomson, Inc./strong/cnw018]

Cumberland County SR-28 (US-127S) Ponte repair above the small OBED River (LM 16):The left runway on SR-28 (US-127S) was closed in both directions.The construction teams will be replaced in and under the bridges.The construction vehicles will often leave the work zone.The drivers should be careful when driving through the work zone.Restrictions: SR-28 (US-127S) LM 16.0 horizontal calculation of 15 feet.

[Whaley Construction, LLC/Strong/CNW237]

Cumberland County SR-462 DE SR-28 (US-127N / LM 3.1) A SR-298 (Genesis Road / LM 4.6) EM Crossville:The construction activities are continued.Activities require a temporary climbing of banners and/or traffic stops at Interstate Drive (SR-462) and Genesis Road (SR-298) as well as short-term closures of the city's streets.Signal companies will accompany these closures with suitable signals.The service programs will appear on the intersection of the Dunn Avenue on December 2, 200.The drivers should be careful when traveling through the work zones.

[Rogers Group, Inc./Strong/CNV010]

Cumberland and Fentress County SR-28 (US-127) near N. Lowe RD (LM 29.2) in the north of SR-62 (LM 1.9):The contractor will continue to work the street during the new direction of Mr. 28.

[Jones Bros. Contractors, LLC/Moore/CNV300]

DEKALB County SR-26 (US-70) Classification, drainage and construction of local and paving stones of SR-53 (LM 2) near SR-96 (LM 6.1):The contractor continues the classification activities throughout the project.Temporary closure of the route and/or regular traffic stops are required for construction activities.The drivers should be careful if they travel through the work zone and are aware of the construction staff.

[Twin K Construction/Moore/CNV012]

DEKALB and Warren County SR-56 Construction of bridges and south of the Warren-Decalb County Line (LM 24.5) for the East Bryant St. (LM 2: 9):The contractor will continue to pave the company in various locations.The contractor uses the signaling process throughout the project in various areas for classification and paving processes.The drivers now use the entire new direction for SR-56.Carefully pay cares with SR-56 and all side streets during the project, as these intersections have recently changed the road to complete work in the class.The speed limit was reduced to 45 miles per hour in the building set.The drivers should expect delays, search for flags and be careful when they are traveling in the work zone

[Jones Bros. Contractors, LLC/Harris/CNT011]

Fentress County SR-85 from west from Old Grimsley RD to SR-28 (US-127) and SR-28 (US-127) from Little RD north of the Lacy RD:The contractor will be on site and will temporarily carry out the random work for the resumption.During this period, the contractor will use the closure of banners with the flags to control the flow of traffic through the work zone.The drivers are asked to use caution and to be prepared to be prepared when you approach.

[Rogers Group, Inc./Neal/CNW182]

Overton County SR-293 Ponte repair via the branch (LM3.7):The contractor is repaired on site.During this period, the contractor will redirect traffic via the work zone, with the deviation shown in the plans.The drivers are encouraged to be careful, follow the signaling of the deviation.

[Southern Constructors, Inc./Neal/CNW218]

Overton County SR-85 (Hilham hwy.) Work the utility for both directions from LM 3.2 to LM 4.99:Mobile route closures along the SR-85 between Davis Road and Jerry Bilbrey Lane.The drivers should be careful and be aware of the employees and equipment when they travel through the work area.457 and 719]

Putnam County SR-135 (Burgess Falls Rd.) Supply company Both directions from LM 3.25 to LM 5.57:Cane Creek Road shoulder and individual close closings up to the Cookeville Boatdock Road and the Burgess Road.The drivers should slow down and be prepared for Parar.Layers, signs, cones and flags will be available, 17/02/22 A 30.12.22 9 to 2 p.m.[2021-771]

PUTNAM COUNTY SR-135 (N. Willow Ave.) Tdot Tdot both directions from LM 10.6 to LM 11.6:From Thursday January 12, 2022 to Sunday, 12/12/2022, TDOT research companies will work on SR-135 (Willow Ave.) Street and W. 12TH Street.A range in each direction remains open during the temporary closure.Closure of the closure.Closure.The hours will last on Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Putnam County SR-136 (S. Jefferson Ave.) Pension work north in LM 2:97:E. Veteranen Drive and Minnear Street Single Individual closures.The drivers should be accelerated and prepared for Parar.Caminations, signal transmission, cones and benders will be available from 01.02.22 to 12/09/22 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.[2022-487]

SR-136 SR-136 Construction of the Northern Putnam County of the SR-111 exchange south of the I-40 exchange: The contractor sets the classification activities throughout the entire project, including the installation of the barrier Rail.Supply deposits are underway.The drivers are encouraged to be careful when they travel through the work zone and are aware of the construction staff.

[Rogers Group, Inc./Moore/CNV284]

District 28

Cannon County SR-1 (USA-70) from east of SR-145 (LM 6.1) east of the Cummings Hollow Road (LM 9.6):The flags can be present for the contractor to do remaining work.The drivers should be careful in the work zone.

[Tinsley Asphalt, LLC /Harris /CNW165]

Cannon and Warren County SR-1 (US-70S) Repair and paving of east bridges by Lincoln Lane (LM 11) in Cannon County for Robinson Road (LM 9.4) in Warren County:The contractor can use lane closures to complete road brands and maintenance work.The drivers should be careful in the region and watch devices and workers.

[American Pavements, Inc./Harris/CNV075]

Franklin County SR-433 (US-64) Fast SR-15 (US-64) Reduction to SR-50 (US-64) and SR-50 (US-64) from SR-433 (US-64) Rutledge Ford RD:The construction work in this project continues this week.The contractor will lead to the implementation of street repair work in the US64 stretch closure.The drivers are recommended to reduce the speed in the work zone and observe the flags that control traffic.

[Asphalt paving systems, Inc./hussein/cnw123]

Marion County I-24 (US-64) West Rock Autumn reduction between mm 136.2 and mm 140.3:The contractor will work in the I-24 WB under mm 141-140, mm 139.0-137.0 and mm 136.0-135.0 to carry out rock waste.Open for traffic.Please be careful when traveling through the work zones.

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Voiles/CNV912]

Marion County SR-27 between LM 26.9 and LM 27.9 Repair and bridge of the foils and construction of retention walls:The contractor works on SR-27 (Suck Creek Road) on LM 26.9 and LM 27.9 to build a new bridge and repair a slide.Trace that is controlled by temporary traffic lights.Please note carefully if you travel through every work zone.

[Dement Construction Company, LLC/Voiles/CNV307]

Marion County SR-28 Four well-made metal metal tube fusions Repair 6.7, 7.3, 7.7 and 7.9.:The contractor repairs corrugated sheets to SR-28 in Sequatchie County in LM 6.7, LM 7.3, LM 7.7 and LM 7.9.This work only requires closing the shoulders.At 5 p.m., the contractor concludes Wiley Ross Straße at MM 7.7 at MR 28 in Marion County follow the signed deviation route.Please be careful if you drive through the work zones.Restrictions: not through traffic to MR 28 to mm 7.7 from the Wiley Ross Road.

[Morgan Contracting, Inc./Voiles/CNW195]

Marion County SR-283 (Alvin York Hwy.) Pension work for the south of LM 6.37 to LM 7.32:Mobile route closures along the SR-283 between the Pickett Cemetery Road and the Panorama Trail.The drivers should reduce the speed and be prepared for Parar.Shifts, signal transmission, cones and flags will be available, 19.09.22 to 31/22.From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.[2022-395]

Warren County SR-1 (US-70S) reduces near the Robinson RD (LM 9.3) to SR-55 (LM 10.6) and SR-287 in the degree Railway (LM 5.2):The contractor can use signal processes to complete remaining work in SR-1 and SR-287.The drivers should be careful and watch the flags.

[Tinsley Asphalt, LLC /Harris /CNW189]

Warren County SR-55 (Manchester Hwy.) Tdot Bridge Maintenance both directions in LM 9.10:Region 2 Bridge Repair will carry out the bridge routine on Tuesday, December 6th, in SR-55, in LM 9:10, from 9 a.m.A route is closed with the traffic control.

Warren and Van Buren County SR-30 Reborn from SR-1 (USA-70S / LM0.0) in Warren County to the Laurel Creek Road (LM 4.3) in van Buren County:The flags can be present for the contractor to do remaining work.The drivers should be careful in the work zone.

[Tinsley Asphalt, LLC /Harris /CNW192]

District 29

Bradley County SR-60, expanded from 4 routes north of I-75 (LM 17.2) to SR-306 (LM19.9):During this report, the contractor will have intermittent blocking closures during the entire project to postpone public services and change the equipment during this report.The speed limit in the work zone was reduced to 35 miles per hour.It is recommended to the drivers to turn caution in the work zone and observe the flags that help with traffic control.

[Summers-Taylor, Inc./wagner/cnv130]

Bradley County SR-74 (Ocoee St. N.E.) Utility Work North in LM 14.46:6th Street a shoulder and shoulder track closures for the 15th Street NW.The drivers should be accelerated and prepared for Parar.Signal, characters and barrels are present, 12/06/22 to 12/07/22, from 9 a.m. at 3 p.m.[2022-694]

Verbesserung des Hamilton County Exchange in SR-2 (US-11, US-41, US-72, Broad Street) und SR-58 (Market Street):The Williams Street is closed for all traffic in the underground passage of I-24 to support the installation of new storm drainage structures for the new facade road.Traffic can continue to access the ramps for the I-24 and US 27, but traffic in the Williams Street will not be allowed between West 21st Street and West 25th Street.The traffic is deviated from the closure by the West 21st Street and Broad Street.Signs are discontinued.The storm drainage and the move of the use.The Chesstnut Street is closed in the underground passage of I -24 and remains closed until the construction of the bridge No. 2 is completed.Deviation roots are was closed and is closed until the new orientation for this ramp has been completed.There will be signs of a sharp deviation to use Broad St. in the ramp.During this reporting period, the contractor in the ramp south of the US27 for i24 for i24 in eastern bound on the evening of Thursday, from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. you work temporarily to overthrow the existing route.On Sunday evening, the contractor on the southern US27 ramp will have lanes on the i24, while the contractor works to close the right -wing strip on the ramp and change the remaining two traces with temporary stripes.On Monday evening, the contractor on the east of the i24 will be opened again on the ramp of the US27 in Southern Direction on the way to installing the barriers right lane on the southern US27 ramp in the i24 Ost. 2.This ramp will be like this for a few months and the traffic is recommended to drive carefully in this area.

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Curtis/cnu011]

Hamilton County I-25 Maintenance Tdot Both directions from mm 180.5 to mm 183:During this report, the Tdot maintenance forces close the inner lanes on the I-24 mm 180.5 to mm 183 in both directions to repair the motorway lighting.These closures will be 12/08/22 every 21 hours from 05.12.22 to 6 hours.

Hamilton County I-75 concrete repair from 6.6 to mm 12.8:During this report, the contractor will have on the I-75 from 21 hours to 6 hours in the northern and southern and southern directions.During these alleys, the contractor may have to temporarily close some of the ramps so that they can work on the ramp.

[Summers-Taylor, Inc./Curtis/CNW046]

Hamilton SR-153 County County Respaces from LM 3.5 to LM 3.7, including the repair of the joint bridge extension on the railway bridge (LM 3.6);SR-2 resuscitation in (US-11, US-6) from NB Interstate Ramps (LM 20.6) to the Bradley County Line (LM 24.4):During this report, the contractor will have temporary lanes on SR-153 NB/SB, LM 3.6 from 9:00 p.m. to 12:01/22 to 12/01/22 to remove the encouraged to consciously by security personnel and construction vehicles that come in and outside the construction site.

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./OSbonhlighter/CNW131]

Refing SR-17 from Hamilton County from Georgia State Line (LM 0) to SR-2 (US-11, US-64, US 72, LM 2.2):During this report, there will be lanes during the day when the contractor is moving the road in progress.

[Talley Construction Company, Inc./Curtis/CNW213]

Hamilton SR-317 County Improvement Project (Apison Pike) von SR-321 (Ooltewah-Ringgold Road) östlich der Layton Lane:Signal signs and signal processes are required for supply work for SR-317, APFISE PIKE.Signalization processes are carried out on 01.02.22, 12/02/22, 12/05/22, 12/06/22 and 12/22 12/07/22 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.The closings last about 2 hours per place.The contract department has a temporary signal operation for the Peak Day for the supply work, the delivery of materials and equipment.The traffic was displaced.The new SR-317 orientation through the existing cross of Apison Pike and University Drive and Eastview Terrace.

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Osbonliter/CNT336]

Hamilton County SR-319 (Amnicola hwy.) Pension work for the West in LM 1.42:Shoulder and shoulder track closures of the railway bridge for the entry of the Chattanooga State Campus.The drivers should reduce the speed and be prepared for Parar.Layers, signs and barrels are available, 28.11.22 to 12/07/22 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.[2022-556]

Hamilton County SR-8 (E. Main St.) Supply work for the east from 5.94 to 6.38 lm:S. Orchard Knob Ave and S. Watkins Street.The drivers should reduce the speed and be prepared for Parar.Caminations, signs and barrels are available, 12.12.22 to 31.01.23 of the driver.9h to 2pm.[2022-754]

Hamilton County SR-8 (Market St.) Tdot Bridge Inspection both directions from LM 9.64 to LM 10.14:On Sunday, December 12, 200, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Market Street Bridge will be closed for the quarterly review of the elevator operation for traffic.

Hamilton County SR-8 (US-127) Construction near the Palisades Road (LM 15.2) to Sunset Drive (LM 15.4):The contractor closed the right runway, which rose the Signal Mountain Road from 15 lm (approx. 1/2 km from the Palisades Road) to the former driver.This closure will be in force for several months during the duration of this project.In addition, it will also be that there will be several intermittent route closures on SR8 (Signal Mountain Road) every day, while the contractor works on SR8 (Signal Mountain Road).

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Curtis/CNW001]

Hamilton County The construction of a D.I.A.PARA VW:The contractor will be continued in the entire intersection, S.I.A.Rota, Ferdinand Piech Way and Volkswagen Dr..The traveler should be careful with the new traffic standard and the changes set into force, including a reduced speed limit.The trip should also be vigilant to the entry and output of vehicles and construction workers inside and around the construction site and on the connecting roads.Signs can be located at the site of traffic.

[Talley Construction Company, Inc./Osbonliter/CNU221]

McMinn County SR-163 Reparo de Pinte Sober Chessee Creek (LM 11.7):During this report, the contractor begins to remove asphalt from the bridge over the Chestuee Creek.Traffic is reduced to a single track that is controlled by flags every day to 5:30 p.m.Reduced to a track controlled by a traffic signal.The maximum horizontal release will be limited to 11 '.Bears with a wide load are published.It is recommended to the drivers to reduce the speed in the work zone.Restrictions: Horizontal debug a maximum of 11 '.

[Jamison Construction, LLC/Wagner/CNW282]

McMinn County SR-163 The close reduction of SR-2 (US-11 / LM 2.5) west of the County Road 750 (LM 8.9):During this report, the contractor will have daily lanes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to repair streets and handrails.It is recommended to reduce the speed in the work zone and observe the flags that control traffic.

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Wagner/CNW112]

McMinn County SR-2 (car congress.) Pension work for the west of LM 12.93 to LM 12.1:Close the mobile shoulders along the SR-2 between the intersection of the Pkwy congress and Dennis Street and the intersection of the congress, be present, August 15th, 200, 200.23 from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.[2022-019]

RHEA County SR-302 (Old Dixie Hwy.) Utility work the two directions from LM 0.01 to LM 2.5:Shoulder and track mobile fakes on SR-302, while the transition zones of the transition zones between SR-30 and Taylor Road.The drivers should be accelerated and prepared for Parar.Sininalization and flags are available, 10/06/22 to 12/05/22 from 9 to 2 p.m.30.[2022-643]

Wide region

Region 2 Preventive and unscheduled maintenance of the SmartSoga Smartway Smart Transport system:The contractor can have shoulder and/or short-term patrol closures to carry out preventive or unchecked maintenance on the Smartway Local Smart Transportation System.For less, a travel lane always remains open to traffic.If necessary, the flags help with traffic control.

[NABCO Electric Company, Inc./OSbonhlighter/CNT354]

TDOT expectation protocol work in region 2:Short -term traces and shoulder closures will be possible at various locations in region 2 to clean the required rocks and trenches.A note is kept constantly.

[Tdot Operations/Maintenance/R2Main]

Region 2 Maintenance TDOT repair from paving hole and patches:In different locations in region 2, short -term emergency closures can be possible to repair holes and step on patch as required.Depending on the location and severity, these repairs can be carried out during the day and night.Performing work and regional company teams will also offer traffic control.

[Tdot Operations/Maintenance/R2Main]

Region 2 TDot cutting processes:At various locations in the intergovernmental and state routes in region 2, short -term blocking closures may take place to carry out cuttables on the required basis.In addition to work, regional business teams will also offer traffic control.


Region 2 The repair of the service in service and the installation of the new Guardail in several intergovernmental and state routes:The contractor may have shoulder and/or short -term trace closures to carry out the Guardail repair.These closures are carried out on state routes from 7 a.m. to 6 a.m. and daily from Monday to Friday from Sunday to Thursday.For less A The Travel Track remains open to traffic on the Interstate, and flags will be available on state routes during every work.

[Cumberland Guardrail, Inc./Harris/CNW127]

Region 2 The random repair of the service cable barrier in several intergovernmental and state routes:The contractor may have a short -term shoulder closure to carry out the repair of cable routes.The noble areas of travel always remain open to inter -state traffic during every work.

[Lu, Inc./harris/cnv272]

Region 2 The random signature in service in several intergovernmental and state paths:During the day, the contractor closes the shoulders at different locations in the Grundy, Franklin, Marion, Hamilton and Bradley districts to install new signs.A dampers' dampers assembled will be on site during this work.

[Superior Traffic Control, LLC/Inc./Voiles/CNV194]

Region 2 Cleaning and drainage cleaning in several intergovernmental and state routes:Selected regional state routes and intergovernmental routes and interstate is supported by a mobile closure of the mobile route.The activity time is between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. during this reporting period from Sunday to Thursday.

[Blevins Enterprises, Inc./Curtis/CNV302]


Cumberland County - CNW237:SR-28 (US-127S) LM 16.0 horizontal calculation of 15 foot.

Marion County - CNW195:Not through traffic to MR 28 to mm 7.7 from the Wiley Ross Road.

McMinn County - CNW282:The maximum horizontal release is 11 '.

The drivers are encouraged to be careful in all TDOT work zones and to follow the speed boundaries, regardless of the Track closure activity.

The information in this report is made available to the Ministry of Transport by the contractors.Most of the work depends on the climate and is subject to changes due to bad weather.All moments are local.

In the area you live travelers can also choose 511 from a series of land or cell phones to get travel information or to follow us on Twitter in travel warnings in the entire area of the state or in Chattanooga@Chattanooga511Or others from TdotTwitter pages.As always, the drivers are thought of using and using all driver information tools with wisdomI know before you go!Check the travel conditions before you go to your goal.The drivers should never tweet, send text messages or speak to a cell phone while they are at the wheel.


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