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Juice WRLD – Unbelievable (Freestyle) Songtext
He probably went and fucked with Juice The Kid. That's my old name, now it's Juice. WRLD. Went to another planet. Now I'm in two worlds In my body, bitch, 'cause that's my state of mind, Stevie Wonder, like I said, 'cause I'm gonna rob you blind

Lyrics by Juice WRLD - Grace
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. "Gracefulness". No, no, no, no (my heart is racing as she walks towards me) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Knock when she comes towards me. From her dress to her hair, she's the perfect bae. And she never runs out of things to say. My heart skips a beat as she approaches me. Her name is Grace, yes Amazing Grace.

Juice WRLD - Motions Songtext
With this song with Juice. [Juice WRLD:] Guess I'm a thrill addict (yeah) I'm too deep as the ocean (yeah) I know I'm lost in the moments (yeah) Baby I can't take it (yeah) But I me Been drinking and smoking (yeah) ) You think it's funny, I'm joking (yeah) But I'm so serious, without you I'm delusional, yeah.

Juice WRLD - Busch Lyrics
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. "Bush". Too many drugs in my body, I'm exhausted (Uh) Got thugs in the club lobby, fuck your group. Screw me, I'll leave you in a coffin. Bullets eat your body, one in the head, now you're quiet. I remember window shopping now I'm picking shit

(Video) Juice WRLD - Keep It (Lyrics) (Unreleased)

Juice WRLD - Bye Bye Lyrics
I met her with a bye, bye. You're out, it's mine. I'm out of pills, you're out of lies It's getting dark outside even if it's day. Like bye, bye. Goodbye. Uh see you later girl I gotta ask you yeah I need a favor Transform back into a demon-slaying Imma-Demon. Hell pool for your court, take me to your hideout.

Juice WRLD - Rikers Songtext
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Rikers" This shit real fat (Gezin) That took the floor out of the brazen showroom Fuck nigga Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, woah, come on, woah, woah, woah, come on Big 'ol pointers bitin' (Diamonds) Can't even get 'em if you like 'em (Shinin')

Juice WRLD - 911 Songtext
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. "911". (Yeah) She coke while I drink codeine. Rap game, crack game, serve it to the drug addict. She likes courtside and still gets nosebleeds. 9-1-1, this bitch boutta OD. Passed out on my couch, someone take her out. Doctors come and go, telling her to "breathe in and breathe out."

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - Never Cared
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. "Never mind." Southside on the runway, yes. Smoking crunchy cookie, huh, stupid bitch. Uh, uh, uh, uh. Let my girlfriend hold a thong brother without shoes. Taking car rides at night, nigga with no lights. Hating me, shit, there's no life. I grew up with homies locked up for life.

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - Jeffery
Leave my stick on me, let you bleed. I would never have shot you if you had left me alone. Young rich nigga, that's a guarantee I'm dating a killer like Jeffery. No Dahmer, I'm a problem. You're a cool jerk, I have goblins. Fuck with me, get licked like a faucet. Mix up the liquor, skrt, now I'm nauseous.

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - Triste
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Sad" (Original Leak of "Smile") I would do anything in my power I just want to see you smile I want you to thrive and possess everything in my power I just want you to smile See I want you to be alright and cum right

Juice WRLD - Denial Songtext
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Denial" She wants a title I'm in denial I don't need a gun Everyone's suicidal I'll burn a bridge down I feel like a pyro I'll say my prayers I'll be in hell tomorrow I'm oxy-my in my blues -codone Somebody's got a heart I can borrow Tear me apart Somebody's got a heart

(Video) Juice WRLD - Awful Times (Unreleased) Lyrics

Juice WRLD - Underworld Songtext
[Juice WRLD:] Devil girl, why are you holding me? I like it, don't let go You're my overdose In the underworld we streak (streak) - streak (streak) - streak (streak) - streak (streak) - streak (streak) I got my heart broken, now I'm the Heartbreaker She draws pentagrams, she's a soul hunter When she took me to her room, all I saw were three sixes

Juice WRLD - Starstruck Songtext
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Starstruck" Yes, we're in bed You see I close my eyes Our eyes meet Our eyes meet Our eyes meet You can see the sadness My heart stops every time you call my name My chin falls you fell off the ground stars and i'm shocked you fell off the stars girl i'm lost

Juice WRLD - Who are you?
who are you, who are you I keep fooling you I am the God within, I continue to bless you. Brothers fail because I keep testing you. I feel like a gym that keeps you tensed. I'm the best and you know it, I'll get the drink and pour it. I take the gun and point it, run, you know I'm bursting.

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - Cigarettes
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. You might like. blackbear - "Dirty Laundry" My girl don't want me for my dirty laundry, And I think she knows I'm out of control, With all this money, everybody wants something from me, It's starting to show. 🇧🇷

Songtext von Juice WRLD - You Don't Know Me
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. You might like. 6 Dogs - "Faygo Dreams" Faygo Cream Soda damn I'm still dreaming They hate me I don't know why Finna wakes them all up 'cause I know they're sleeping I'm wide awake but shit I'm still dreaming Faygo Cream Soda,...

Juice WRLD - Lass is the
[Juice WRLD:] I feel like a boss, bitch, you fired, you fired, a killer at heart, bitch I feel like Adolf Im cut, my AK on me, I let it out, uh, don't believe I'm trying, yeah yeah yeah I can get a gang of bodies, that's what we're talking about. From the Molly gang, in your bitch house. Got the whole gang in your bitch house

Juice WRLD - Dark Place (Demo) Letras
Dark Place (Demo) by Juice WRLD Lyrics Lost in a dark place Lost in a dark place Lost in a dark place Lost in a dark place Trapped in the crawl space In my mind I'm lost I wake up in a coffin They count me, it cares you. They're in love with the music, so they'll never know

(Video) Juice WRLD - Bottle (Unreleased) Lyrics

Juice WRLD - GAME Lyrics
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. "GAMES". Let's play, big bench, take a small bench. Let's play, sniper, I've got range. She gambles, she hyper, she loves cocaine. It boggles the brain, I like it. I have the Midas touch. She wants to fuck, I can. I'm full of food, I've got the Idas.

Juice WRLD - typo lyrics
Choppa drops you, like a damn loose tooth, uh, relentlessly. Like my cat, I bark like my dog. .40 sneeze brother, no achoo. Dress him like after you. I'm going crazy like cashew nuts. bad bitches what i like. Crazy bitches are my type. That wasn't a typo. But that bitch was just a typo.

Juice WRLD - Hide lyrics
[Juice WRLD:] I really think I found my home, Shorty made me feel at home. She made me leave emotions at home and I'm ok with that Only two souls were missing but we're ok with that. Submit corrections. Author(s): Dickinson George, Higgins Jarad.

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - Demon Love
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Demon Love" Let me tell you about a girl I know Your name has many titles Let me tell you about a girl I know Your name has many titles sadness, overwhelm, anger, aggression agony, but the Shit is heating up

Juice WRLD - Spanish lyrics
Songtext von WRLD Juice. "Spanisch". 999, oh oh. Daytrip chegou a dez (Ei) Eu só estou tentando foder sua cadela principal (Woah, woah, woah) Estou apenas totin 'no meu inoxidável (Gangue, gangue, gangue, gangue) Nego foda-se você e todos vocês fique com (Nigga , fuck) Choppa redet, diese Schlampe redet Spanglish (Gra, gra, gra)

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - Ration
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. You might like. 6ix9ine - "GOTTI" Got me, got me Rollie You can't even pay for it Hang your nuts Who them? No...

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - No Good
Make 'em go, call me Juice WRLD Bae Wizard, I'm high on narcotics so I can't remember your name Openly using opioids, openly ruining my image, yeah One thing you need to know about me is everything all i ever wanted was love and money, yeah One thing you need to know about me is that this rock star life got me hooked

(Video) Juice WRLD - Addictions (lyrics) [unreleased]

Juice WRLD - Karma (Skit) Letra
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Karma (Skit)" Okay, it's me again (I've called you about 30 times now! Why can't you answer the phone now?) and no, I've called you back a billion times. Why I can't You don't answer the phone? What the- (yeah!) I know I'm sorry I told you that none of this meant anything to me!

Juice WRLD - Burn Letras
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. "Burn". I can grab a Percocet and start the night off right. I just got a 60th Burberry on me, shoot your back, you look so good Ricky. I lace up the Chanel jogging pants and walk through the city again. And I know hell is coming, I ain't worried, my homies, they with me. I need to get off the narcotics, I can feel them fucking...

Juice WRLD - Stabbed You Songtext
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Stabbed You" The song I'm feeling worse but I still wish you the best. Every morning you woke up angry at me and reminded me of my past, treated me like the plague, so you make me wonder why I left

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - Slick Rick Freestyle
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. "Slick Rick Freestyle". I stop a nigga like Slick (huh), Rick (huh) One eye closed, don't miss (huh) Jump out of the trap with the sticks (huh) We, just hit a leak (huh) Rich (ay), bitch (huh ) ay), you can't tell me shit (huh) 2, 4, 6, 8 fucks I don't give Bitch I'm Slick (huh), Rick (huh)

Juice WRLD - All girls are equal
Juice WRLD said in an interview with POWER 92, Chicago in April 2018, "Really, this song was kind of a compilation of everything I liked about all the negative aspects of relationships." Cole Bennett directed the official music video for this track.

Juice Wrld - Hypnotic (Keep It Together) Letra
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. You might like. Lil Uzi Vert - "Erase Your Social" Know I walk with the shelves on me Bad bitch wanna back And you know she throw that ass at me I don't want this girl 'cause she want me 'cause the money's on me Yes, . ..

Juice WRLD - Willing To Die Letras
People think I'm a god, I think that's going too far. I see myself as a problem, I am a threat to everyone. Unstoppable, they're not getting any closer. Fours on the drink (Yeah) Perks in my head got me moving, I can't think (Yeah) Diamonds, they're wet like soap in the sink (Yeah) Better don't give me the wrong look.

(Video) Juice WRLD - Face 2 Face (Lyrics)

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - Floor It
Bae let's talk my crotch your pussy Jump on it, yes. Jump on it, yeah, heaven and hell. She only gets three outs (uh) oh my god. She keeps screaming oh my god little girl I'm not Allah (no) Different colored pills, you know the deal. I did drugs before the record deal. I struggled with love long before the record deal.

Juice WRLD - Tick Tock (In The Air) Letra
Lyrics of WRLD Juice. "Tick Tock (in the air)" Oh-ah-oh-oh-oh-oh. Yes indeed. I been on my own shit for so long (Ayy) Niggas tryna steal the wave I won't let them escape They think I'm soft for making sad songs (Hah) until I catch them slipping at a red light and peeling sticks in mid-air (Grra grra grra).

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